problem_blogsSince moving to DC 6 years ago, we’ve tried a couple times to create an efficient means of communication with our friends and family back home. Writing a blog is a prevalent solution, and many of our family and friends have blogs. However, we found it difficult to dedicate the time and energy required to generate interesting blog posts when we were already maintaining our presence on the plethora social media sites which require significantly less energy and are connected to significantly more people. This wasn’t always the case. Certain grand adventures provided adequate motivation to generate blog posts: baking challenges, foreign trips, and personal accomplishments. But lethargy grow during the long, slow, boring parts in between. The death knell sounded when the gentleman who had been kindly hosting our blog for free took his servers offline.

Recently, certain exciting life events have once again prompted us to find suitable communication methods to reach those who don’t actively use other online social platforms. And let’s face it, calling and actually talking directly with you just isn’t our style 🙂 Thus, here we go again. Yet we do not create this blog in vain, having learned nothing from our past endeavors. The last several years have seen great development of the Internet of Things — using the web to connect various appliances and technologies. One such development which I have already found useful elsewhere is If This Than That. IFTTT acts a central hub that connects the plethora together using simple recipes: If you post a picture on Facebook, IFTTT can also post it on Instagram. If the weather forecast predicts rain, IFTTT can remind you to take an umbrella to work. If the CDC issues a warning about a zombie apocalypse, IFTTT can send you a text advising you run for your life. Using these connections, I’ve attached this blog to some of our other social media platforms, enabling us to more easily (or in some cases, automatically) generate blog posts from content we are already sharing elsewhere. While we will still be writing posts when we have things to say, IFTTT will help us share smaller things during the long, slow, boring parts.

As the poet said, the best-laid schemes of mice and men… always work on the third try.

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  1. Just start checking this again and was surprised to find interesting things!!! PEarl

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